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How to accord stimulus to your early venture?

An early-stage venture is the one which has a fresh idea but a weak base to penetrate the market with. It feels the strong urge to procure professional succour which shall consequently place the venture at a safe position to commence its business operations. This very exigency of professional aid for start-ups brings the concept of accelerators in the scene.

Joining Ends has emerged as an accelerator organization which comes to the immediate rescue of the inexperienced start-up entrepreneurs.

What is an accelerator?

An accelerator is an organisation or a programme which provides the requisite support to start-up ventures and even businesses having growth-potential. This support comes in the form of expert mentoring, professional advice and provision of prerequisite financial resources.

Entrepreneurs of early-stage ventures face the indispensable need for the support of an accelerator due to the reasons stated below:

  • Lack of professional expertise of the start-up venture entrepreneur
  • New idea but poor execution plan
  • Insufficient financial support
  • Fragile  substructure to persuade the consumers

Therefore, to be able to tackle the early-stage hindrances and to gradually evolve as a successful business venture over the time, young entrepreneurs hunt for accelerators who not just show the exact path but also work along as a continuing support till the venture has maturely infused its roots into the market.

Culture of accelerators in India

In the pursuit of profit maximisation via customer satisfaction and smooth operational procedure, presence of ideal manpower and resources prove efficacious. Businesses, especially the start-ups, have to keep pace with the changes in the business environment to survive the cut-throat competition. For this, they have to constantly evolve strategies to build and sustain their consumer-base. The advisory and marketing guide that an accelerator provides, works as a positive stimulus to the early-stage ventures.

The concept of a start-up accelerator is not new yet it is an undeniable fact that this concept has gained appreciable popularity in the past few years in the realm of growing emergence of start-up businesses. The economy calls for the advent of more and more start-ups to substantiate employment, investment, capital formation, standard of living of the citizens and to eradicate regional imbalance and economic backwardness. Accelerators strive to place the start-ups at a better position by channelizing their efforts towards the achievement of the aforementioned aspects. Due to such an indisputable role of accelerators in todayโ€™s scenario, start-ups necessarily bounce upon them.

In India, accelerators have taken up the work to initiate the start-ups and prove a substantial support in the initial months. Some Indian start-ups have clearly got all the requisites that they have needed from accelerators and their pact with the latter has proved worthy and successful. However, it is not always certain that the plans of the accelerator turn fruitful to the early-stage ventures. This could happen due to gigantic advertisement and promises by the accelerators and lack of proper execution by them. Thatโ€™s why in India, many powerful start-up ideas have failed due to insufficient professional aid from the accelerators.

Joining Ends stands different from other accelerators in India as it conducts a thorough operational and financial research of the organization before formulating a plan. Furthermore, we are open to client feedback and synergize to make relevant modifications in the plan based on such feedback.

Why are people scared to start a new business?

Launching a new business idea in the form of a product or service is a venture of inherent risks. Amidst lack of appropriate resources and insufficient professional competence, potential entrepreneurs are hesitant in putting their foot forward to give a form to their idea. Young minds are enthusiastic      but inexperience makes them incapacitated to establish business start-ups. Moreover, economic instability and market uncertainty arouses even more fear and against taking up a new venture.

The team at Joining Ends ensures that the aforementioned obstacles are handled with professionalism and caution to eliminate most of the hurdles and to exploit every possible opportunity coming forthwith.

Technology stands a big impediment even today.

 In the growing sphere of digitization, most of the Indian ventures are still unaware of its benefits or sceptical towards its application. Small and mid-sized organisations have personnel which are hesitant to learn and adapt modern procedures based on technology in the fear of wrong comprehension and application. Further, technology demands a considerable amount of investment initially but the same gets balanced out over a period of time due its long-term economic benefits.

A new technology is not an end in itself. It rather involves constant upgradation and maintenance to make it suffice the business needs. This again adds up to the cost of operations of the venture which is why technology has still not been able to achieve complete acceptance despite its unparalleled benefits.

How are we different[1] [2] [3] 

Our proficient team of experts at Joining Ends works vigorously to give a tangible and meaningful form to the start-ups. We are first of such a kind where entrepreneurs get the most for their ventures.

Unlike traditional accelerators, we build an absolute technology based solution for respective start-up enterprises. We provide accelerator and consultancy services under the same roof in conjunction with technology-based customized business platforms at the convenience of the owners, their personnel and their consumers. Once the platform is built, we forge ahead to deliver the basic accelerator services.

Our team members, Vishal Modi and Saket Bohania, are market experts with appreciable experience in the fields of technology, marketing and consumer satisfaction. We build tailor-made solutions for different start-ups to suit their relevant product needs instead of a uniform plan for all our clients. Hence, before moving ahead with the process, we develop a deep understanding of what the proposed business aims at and what are its future plans of customer acquisition and growth. It is only then that we work on structuring out a plan for them.

Joining Ends tends to serve an end-to-end solution for its clients in pursuance of their particular business needs to overcome the hindrances and provide them the capacity to sustain in the long-run. Getting connected with us will give you an unregretful experience and a prolonged series of satisfactory services. 

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