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After a protracted period of executing commercial, educational and healthcare activities in the primeval fashion through physical presence, the raging pandemic has mandated a revolution in the performance of these activities. In the realm of lack of any alternative, these activities necessarily have to be performed over a virtual platform. The current juncture demands implementation of technology and digitization at maximum, if not all, stages of operations.
Where the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about colossal discomposure in the commercial and educational system, it has also initiated the process of modernization in these areas with the inclusion of internet and technology, thus creating virtual engagement. Even healthcare, which demands the highest level of in-person interaction, has gone virtual to some extent.
The initial phases of switching activities to a virtual platform had undoubtedly led to numerous hindrances. Nevertheless, in a short span of time, mankind has subsequently adapted itself to this cosmic revolution. Technology and internet are the next big things that shall widen its scope in the coming years in the realm of changing dynamics of the economy.
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Impact of the transformation
Going virtual has considerably not been as easy as it sounds. There has been substantial reluctance and troublesome adjustments. Operational and functional sectors have been negatively affected. However, the ascending eminence of the internet and technology has been able to shrink the barriers against digitization.
Despite the initial hindrances, several industry sectors have been successful in using the virtual platform to the best of their abilities. They have been able to build a framework where they have provided themselves with all the amenities that abet them to function digitally. The beneficial edge that has been provided to these sectors by dint of virtual action is enumerated below:
● Major saving on time
● Inducement to utilize technology better
● Comfortable space
● Smoother operations
● Higher impetus to coordinate efficiently
● Reduction in routine expenses

The undebatable obstructions in terms of high investment, manpower rigidity, technical glitches and adaption complexities have caused harm to the process of smooth adaption and operation. Subsequently, the benefits of implementing full-time technological operations have turned away the gigantic obstacles.

How have the commercial, educational and healthcare sectors been affected?

Speaking about the impact of the virtual game upon the commercial, educational and healthcare sectors owing to the pandemic outbreak, it is an indisputable fact that these sectors have discovered the best of their potential. When nobody had the slightest vision of having commerce, education and healthcare sectors performed in a digital mode, the response of these sectors towards the sudden change has been appreciable.
Let us see how the virtual process has affected these sectors in particular:
● Commerce- The starting days have been indisputably very difficult yet the sector has been successful in combating against all the odds. Right from saving time involved in travelling to the comfort of having virtual meetings, commercial organizations have made the new change a part of their asset base. Not just this, but the most valuable benefit is that operations get executed on a round-the-clock basis if there is a need for it, thereby, hastening the operations.

● Education- The most interesting part here has been the constant assignment of projects and corrections when there was a time where none of these could ever be imagined to have worked this way. Conducting online classes over platform like zoom, creating restricted groups and classrooms, conducting online exams, be it written or MCQ based, conducting virtual celebrations and much more. The students are saved from the daily hackles of carrying heavy bags to school and also travelling long distance to schools.

● Healthcare- This sector shall improve further as bringing healthcare completely to the virtual operation has been significantly burdensome. Mild healthcare issues have had the way to be resolved virtually, where the doctor attends the patient over a virtual platform. There is a clear explanation of problems and symptoms and the medicines are prescribed to the concerned patient after careful analysis of his/her condition as stipulated. Medical tests and home-delivery of medicines have been possible through various online healthcare platforms. However, severe health issues still need in-person doctor attendance.
Soon, there will be an era into existence when all of the above activities shall go hundred per cent virtual for an infinite period of time. Banking on the strength of internet and technology, there is a firm expectation of commerce, education and healthcare going online on a complete virtual substructure in the next few years. With gradual improvements and innovation in technology, the existing bugs and glitches shall be wiped out. Consequently, these industries shall see a flourishing infinite span of virtual operations.

Our Contribution
Being technology experts in complement with rich experience, our team contributes towards constructive technical relief. JoiningEnds caters to the technological barriers of businesses. It operates to structure tailor-made plan for enterprises to enable them function in an uninterrupted fashion.
Vishal Modi and Saket Bohania are the pillars of our enterprise possessing exceptionally valuable proficiency in the sphere of technology and business. They take every endeavour to ensure our clients a successful accomplishment of their business objectives via unhindered tech-based solutions. JoiningEnds contributes towards the nation-wide development in the sphere of technology and business, thereby, enhancing the economy’s competence in upholding stupendous revolution as such in the current phase. We assure to accord reasonable abatement in the domain of business, finance, consumer-base and technology.

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