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With the hefty work load under the work-from-home culture on one end, to the anxiety of being unemployed or being prospectively laid off on the other end, stress is the new virus that has been attacking people.There is no denial in the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has not just made people lose their lives, but, also their jobs. Due to the declining national and overseas businesses, organizations have had no option but to lay off their work force in order to avoid high salary cost when they have less or no projects with them.

It has been even awful for the young graduates, who have passed out in the year 2020 or 2021, having less or no job prospective as organizations have unwilling to hire inexperienced candidates upon whom considerable training cost and time is involved. The employment process has been suffering atrociously on account of unavoidable business loss.

Amidst all of such contemptible events, people have been undergoing mental stress of not just being infected by the virus, but also of being exposed to the unmanageable expenditure. Yes, lack of employment has made individuals worry and has triggered panic behaviour among them, which is quite obvious.

While talking about stress and anxiety, it is not the just the unemployed who have been suffering, but also the ones who have been overburdened with workas, organizations are seeking to derive most of their employees by surpassing the official working hours.

Consequently, every human has, more or less, suffered a setback in his or her mental well-being owing to the pandemic. Mental health, today, is as important as physical health. This is because if mental health is not good, then, a good physical health will lose its form.

Let’s see in what different ways has the mental health of the people been affected:

  • Having sleepless nights
  • Difficulties in concentration and attention
  • Periodical panic attacks
  • Sudden anxiety
  • Prolonged crying
  • Avoiding human interactions and communication
  • Lack of balanced diet
  • Terminal behavioural changes
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Arguing with others
  • Depression
  • Overthinking
  • Acne problems
  • Constant skin itching
  • Having hairfall problems
  • Developing poor metabolism

The above list varies from person to person depending upon age, background events, profession and reasons for hating the pandemic. Such harsh effect upon mental health has been destroying human lives and not just their mental piece. To be specific, besides fighting the COVID-19 virus, the human race has also been struggling with their mental health.

How to focus on improving mental health?

By following some simple routine practice of activities, one can reduce his or her stress but, again, the process requires patience and motivation. The following list enumerates a few basic activities to be able to avoid anxiety and depression:

  • Practice yoga
  • Do deep breathing exercise
  • Have immunity building food
  • Read informative and motivational articles
  • Work on your skills that shall add to your competence
  • Take up internships if you are a student and awaiting your placements
  • Play indoor games
  • Enroll for courses that shall build your expertise
  • Help people in need
  • Spend time with your family

What do we do to help humanity overcome mental stress?

Joining Ends is the technological platform where businesses can find one-stop solution for their venture obstacles. We service all types of organizations, be it small or big or from any industry.

Our team abets healthcare organizations in helping people to overcome depression and avoid untimely death by creating easy-to-use technological platforms. Such a platform serves as a means to connect healthcare providers and patients where the doctors attend to every need of the patients via digital platform.

Yes, the platform that we create, facilitates easy doctor-patient interactions where doctors nourish human minds with their constant motivation, prescribed medication and suggested day-to-day activities. Joining Ends ensures quality digital platform to help the human society beat their mental stress in every possible manner.

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How Have Remote Jobs Become Popular Owing To The Covid-19 Pandemic?

By dint of rising crisis and high risk, organizations have had to compulsorily shift to remote work schedule. Initially, this had led to chaos but everyone has eventually adjusted to this pattern of work. Team leaders and managers were panic-struck but, over the time, everything has settled down and has been running smooth.
Owing to the on-going pandemic and the advent new epidemic, the work culture has shifted to more of what we call ‘remote work’ from an ‘in-office work’. The concept of remote work is not very new in the professional realm. In fact, most of the developed countries had already begun enforcing this work mechanism even before the pandemic had hit the world. According to a census study, 43% of the Americans had already begun working remotely occasionally in 2019. With the surging risk of Covid-19 in 2020, this figure has increased and other countries have also adapted to such working mechanism where social distancing and minimum surface touching have become a compulsory norm.
Now, working remotely has its own pros and cons as this culture is new and the world is, somewhat, still in an absorbing phase. Nevertheless, this work culture is at a booming stage and there are reasons listed below as to why it is becoming popular day-by-day:
No need to travel- Working individualsfind it very convenient when most of their professional work can be executed from the comfort of a non-professional environment. Thereby, personnel are at ease and are not required to travel to the work place.
Easy processing- Processing of the business becomes easy and reliable due to the comfort of remote work. People don’t need to wait for formal acquaintances of their colleagues to get the work processed. They execute tasks with ease with the aid of guidelines and friendly advice of the organization members.
Better Scope of Job opportunities- It is one of the most advantageous features of remote work as people get access to job opportunities in any city. Yes, people can apply and work remotely for any organization irrespective of its location as physical presence of the concerned employee is not demanded. Things are executed over a virtual platform.
Convenient interviews- Business houses can now organize interviews for the candidates to attend remotely from any corner of the world. This saves the time and unnecessary hassles on the part of both, the interviewer and the candidate.
Informal environment- Non-requirement of physical presence in the work place and execution of business tasks over the internet at any convenient location for the employee serves the want of a light and stress-free environment. Employees are free to work without fear of being judged for their initial dexterity incapability or any other shortcoming on their part. They do not get to deal with the pressure of a formal work environment. They get to choose their own work environment, hence, making them comfortable with their work.

Our role to support of remote jobs

We, at Joining Ends, provide technology-based solution to business houses and organizational advice to help them conduct and maintain a workforce which includes personnel working remotely. Such a work culture calls for substantial efforts on the part of the business organizations and their managers to form and sustain a work mechanism through a strong and reliable virtual platform that shall function via latest technology.

Joining Ends assures business organisations of an uninterrupted flow of business activities when most or its entire workforce works remotely by giving them the best platforms and technological services based on their business structure, needs and objectives. This abets them in conducting smooth business. Along with this, such a tech-based platform shall enable business organisations to create and maintain an organised chain of workforce and, at the same time, sustain a healthy workforce relation.

We have Vishal Modi and Saket Bohenia on board who possess rich industry experience and are technology experts. They cater to the latest demands of the business organizations where an end-to-end solution is built for the latter. Wherever or whenever there arises a need for technological help, Joining Ends comes to the rescue with its outstanding solution and advice.

Portrait of a man with glasses of virtual reality, vr, interacts with a virtual screen. The concept of the future is here, applications complement reality, the interface of virtual reality


After a protracted period of executing commercial, educational and healthcare activities in the primeval fashion through physical presence, the raging pandemic has mandated a revolution in the performance of these activities. In the realm of lack of any alternative, these activities necessarily have to be performed over a virtual platform. The current juncture demands implementation of technology and digitization at maximum, if not all, stages of operations.
Where the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about colossal discomposure in the commercial and educational system, it has also initiated the process of modernization in these areas with the inclusion of internet and technology, thus creating virtual engagement. Even healthcare, which demands the highest level of in-person interaction, has gone virtual to some extent.

Business people wearing masks in coronavirus meeting, the new normal

Digitisation Has Been Catalysed By Covid-19 Pandemic

In view of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, all lines of work have been majorly affected. Especially, when we speak about non-tech organisations, they have faced paramount levels of inconvenience and disruptions in the initial phase of digital implementation. Due to lack of an appropriate substructure to support work-from-home mechanism, these organisations have juggled through their way in making the best use of technology. On the other end, the tech organisations were already equipped with advanced resources for going hundred per cent digital before the pandemic hit strong. Consequently, the COVID-19 pandemic has performed the role of a catalyst in increasing the acceptance and application of technology thereby going digital.

Digital increasing bar graph with businessman hand overlay

Transform your stumbling blocks into successful milestones

It goes without saying that businesses come with inherent risks. Right with the very first thought of starting a business, there comes predominant existence of categories of risks to be undertaken by the prospective entrepreneur. Transfiguring a proposed idea into an established business set-up calls for a firm commitment to fathom out the probable obstructions and resolve the same with due care and professionalism.