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Transform your stumbling blocks into successful milestones

It goes without saying that businesses come with inherent risks. Right with the very first thought of starting a business, there comes predominant existence of categories of risks to be undertaken by the prospective entrepreneur. Transfiguring a proposed idea into an established business set-up calls for a firm commitment to fathom out the probable obstructions and resolve the same with due care and professionalism.

There is a famous statement quoted by Michael Porter which goes as—-“Risk is a function of how poorly a strategy will perform if the ‘wrong’ scenario occurs.” In reference to the statement, it becomes foremost to formulate solution-oriented strategies to survive the juggling business environment. We, at Joining Ends, contrive an inch-by-inch remedial plan of action in respect of particular business obstructions faced by ventures. Our team of highly proficient experts cater to the customized needs of the enterprises with regards to their business-centric problems. We work to transform venture obstacles into appreciable achievements through our ultimate and well-researched solutions.

Every start-up, planning for future market penetration, has to consider innumerable factors before framing the actual plan. It ranges from finance acquisition, economical operations, marketing strategies and long-term credibility. In the scenario of the inexperience and lack of technical and market expertise of the young entrepreneurs of start-up ventures, it becomes difficult for them to adopt a strategy which would keep them sustained in the long-run. Consequently, there arises a need for professional consultancy and guide to address early venture obstacles when the same would be an accelerating point for the start-ups. This means that if a start-up venture has an impregnable substructure where barriers are addressed via a strategized mechanism, the concerned venture would be strong enough to give a successful start to their business with the potency to deal with probable future obstacles with finer insight and dexterity.

Here is where Joining Ends provides it’s helping hand by acting as the point of interface for the early-stage ventures. We supply them with the requisite consultancy and pertinent guide to enable them to penetrate the relevant market with exclusive impression. This shall doggedly abet the venture in availing potential long-term market existence. So, this goes out to every start-up idea which intends to break through the market, to join hands with us to add fuel to your spark and turn it into fire.

Current market demands automation in services to save time, money and effort. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ruling the market and the competitive forces interact in the course of growing application of technology. Joining Ends abets businesses by creating tailor-made AI platforms to suit particular businesses requirements of automation. It also serves the need for an enhanced and hassle-free Customer Relationship Management system by enabling expedient consumer interaction.

Small vendors seek the urgent need to go digital as the consumer base demands a convenient mechanism to explore and shop. Joining Ends helps such vendors in adapting to the digital world by creating customized platforms for them to shift their business from physical to digital. Such a platform brings flexibility in business operations, saves time, is customer-friendly and improves customer relations and proves economical over the time. Our one-stop solution deals in provision of such a service which shall turn the hurdles of the business into a stepping-stone.

We provide accelerator and consultancy services to businesses in the nerve of our professionally equipped and highly experienced team members. We, at Joining Ends, have Vishal Modi and Saket Bohania with us as the founders and exclusive team members. They are industry experts with relevant professional competence to handle venture obstructions and steer the concerned organization towards potential direction. By choosing us, the businesses shall expect and experience positive impact and a secured behoof for their ventures.

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